Help People Understand Data by Designing it Well

We live in a world of data, but not everyone knows how to make sense of it. I thrive to make data easy to understand and delightful to access by design. Sharing my projects and thoughts here so more can benefit from them.

Sr. UX Designer at Alexa

Visualizing information for Alexa users across all screen devices (Echo Show, FireTV, Fire Tablets, and mobile). Design mechanisms to collect user feedback and make concrete improvements in the user experiences.

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Data Design on Alexa Devices

Design Lead at Graphiq

Created frameworks and interfaces that present complex data sets in forms of visualizations, videos, mobile apps, and vertical search engines.
Responsible for developing and directing the company’s visual identity as well.

Acquired by Amazon in May, 2017.

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Data design for Graphiq, a knowledge graph company

Maker of

Webpage builder prototype where users can use thousands of pre-made content blocks to create beautiful webpages faster than ever.

Project discontinued in 2016 when shut down.

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Category Winner at Creating Reality Hackathon 2018

Put together a VR-simulated AR experience where people can re-engage with their photogrammertry memories in 48 hours.

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Creating Reality Hackathon - Memories by reAnimators
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