Santa Barbara

Samantha Zhang

Hello, I’m Samantha. I spent the past 6 years designing data for Graphiq, a knowledge graph provider with multiple data products, and then for Alexa. I am a designer with an engineering mindset and a degree in marketing analytics. The unique combo made it possible for me go deep in technology like a computer scientist, and also understand people like a social scientist1.

I see data being the superpower of our time, and I hope to grant it to more people with my work and my writing.

About This Site

This is a static GitHub Page generated using Jekyll, designed and coded by me. The baseline alignment is created using SASSLINE. The fonts are served by Adobe TypeKit. Icons are from Font Awesome. The source code can be found on GitHub.

  1. Originally described by @johnmaeda in his Design & VC newsletter.
    “Designers who can go deep in technology like a computer scientist, and who can also understand people like a social scientist, are the designers who can think and create at the scale of millions of users. They are the ones who can manage the shifting standards and technologies that seemingly change every week. They are the ones the world needs right now.”

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